Hello, I'm Jubin.
Web Design & Graphic Design

Branding, Front-End

PWN Overlay produces quality graphics for all of your gamer needs. They specialize in custom interchangeable graphics for Twitch and YouTube and also have several pre-designed graphic kits in stock.


Branding, Front-End

A small jewelry store in Vienna, I designed and developed a colorful brand and outstanding web experience.


iOS / Android App

VEON is a simple Party App that shows you Events, Bars and Pubs nerby also the best Deals for the night!

Logo Concept

MoviePrism is the best way to manage movies/series you want to watch or watched, create custom lists, and discover new movies.


A student Project I helped out.

Drink Menu Design

Design of a drink menu for a local bar.


eSports Mascot Logo

Team logos are very popular but finding such a unique and stylish team logo is extremely hard. This eye-catching eSports team logo is all about the team and unity.

I'm a designer from the lovely city Vienna, Austria.

I've been passionate about design ever since I was a kid - and am willing to try my hand at absolutely anything. In the past, I've been involved with the creation of websites, apps, posters, logos, business cards... the list goes on.

My skills lie with the entire Creative Suite and Sketch - plus UX experience with all three major mobile platforms.

Over the years, I've built up my front-end dev skills with HTML5, CSS and JS, with some PHP/MySQL skills on the side. If you want someone who can both design and build layouts by hand, I'm your guy.

If you're interested in hiring me - or just want to chat - feel free to send me an email!